Glossop North End Supporters Club

The Glossop North End Supporters Club was formed in 2009 with the following objectives:

  1. To organise the support and encouragement of Glossop North End AFC.
  2. To promote the interest of and provide facilities for the supporters of Glossop North End AFC.
  3. To set down and encourage the acceptance of standards of conduct to be observed by members of the Supporters Club.
  4. To organise social events, competitions and fundraising to further the aims of the Supporters Club. This will enable the Supporters Club to make donations to the football club for specific defined activities or projects.
  5. To encourage friendly relations with supporters of all football clubs.
  6. To encourage participation of younger members of the Supporters Club.
  7. To encourage closer links between players and supporters

Over the last few years the Supporters Club have significantly contributed to the running of the football club. In particular, we have;

  1. Established a ‘Player of the Month Award’
  2. Paid for and helped build the players dugouts
  3. Organised Christmas and Halloween Parties
  4. Purchased benches for supporters to use on Matchdays
  5. Purchased Benchsuits for the players/subs
  6. Made a large contribution towards the cost of raising the ground to a higher standard.

We are constantly on the look out for new members and for different ways to help both our members and the football club.